Delaine Andrea Powerful

Delaine Andrea Powerful (they/them) is a Black Jamaican queer agender femme who loves Blackness and queerness and their Leo moon. They hold multiple roles and navigate through various spaces doing justice and anti-oppression work as an organizer, consultant, trainer, doulx, educator and youth worker. Delaine currently spends the majority of their time doing birth & reproductive justice organizing, money bail, pre-trial detention, and prison abolition work, playing soccer and trying to manifest Octavia Butler’s Earthseed community (without the tyranny).

Catherine Feliz

As a full spectrum doula and birth & reproductive justice advocate, Catherine Feliz (they/she) serves with the ethic that love is revolutionary when in action. Catherine’s wisdom of ancestral plant medicine and her identities as a queer, Afro-latinx, bilingual, child of immigrants guides their role as a doula and curanderx. They were born and raised in NYC where they continue to weave their artist, archivist, educator, doula, curanderx, organizer practice with a sacred heart.

Efe Osaren

Efe Osaren (she/her/they/them) is a Black Midwife currently working towards licensure in NYC. She comes from a long ancestral lineage of Midwives and Medicinal Priestesses from Edo and Warri, Nigeria. Efe completed her training as a full spectrum Doula at Ancient Song and Direct entry midwifery apprenticeship with Maternindad La Luz, Borderlands Birth Education and Advocacy Project and Dyekora Sumda Midwifery. She has served over 150 families in Houston, NYC, and El Paso. Her practice is rooted in the liberation of Black birthing people.  

Efe is the Founder of Doula Chronicles, a reproductive education platform for communities of color, that focuses on holistic uterine health and reproductive care. She is also the founder of Orishé Midwifery, a future private home birth practice that raises funding to build birth houses in Lagos to address Infant and Maternal Mortality and Morbidity with culturally relevant practices of West African holistic midwifery.

Olivia Ahn

Olivia (they/she/o) engages in cultivating community-based healing practices that thrive with compassion, love, and humility towards the multiple experiences of the human condition so that we may ultimately uplift our collective healing together. Olivia engages in providing full-spectrum doula care, reiki, spiritual energy work, and counseling in community for individuals, partners, families, and collectives. Olivia also facilitates research, programming, education, queering, and advocacy related to health, gender, sexuality, reproductive justice, and abolition. Olivia is honored to follow the lineage of Chinese-Korean diaspora and queer indigeneity. They humbly serve in the spirit of their ancestors.

Mélat Seyoum

Mélat Seyoum (she/they) is a student midwife, full spectrum doula, reproductive justice advocate and geospatial analyst from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Mélat completed her training as a certified full-spectrum doula and midwifery assistant through Ancient Song. She is also a Lactation Counselor with experience in prenatal nutrition and herbal medicine. Her practice is centered on a desire to provide pathways to safe, meaningful and empowering pregnancy experiences.
As a freelance geospatial analyst, Mélat spends much of her time bringing stories to life through maps.With expertise in GIS, remote sensing, web mapping and data visualization, she offers consulting services and facilitates tech workshops focused on dismantling the global digital divide. Mélat believes that the revolution will be digitized and builds technology integration models for resilience and liberation.

Natalie Peña

Natalie Peña (they/she) is a Afro-Dominican sexuality educator, full spectrum doula, and intimacy consultant. Their Nataldoula practice focuses on holistic perinatal care, community health education and lactation consultancy.They are a first generation community organizer and facilitator offering political education encompassing intergenerational trauma through a transnational racial equity lens. Natalie spends most of their time working on reproductive justice, health based advocacy, as well as training providers and community members. They are currently living between NYC and Barcelona.

Berenice Kernizan

Berenice Kernizan (she/her) was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in Brooklyn. She currently works as a labor doula in her private practice, and in the community with the By My Side Birth support team. Berenice is a reproductive justice advocate, childbirth educator, and has a passion for community organizing. In the future, she plans to pursue a career in Midwifery to fully support radical birth justice. Berenice considers herself an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and is humbled in her allyship role amongst her queer siblings in Homecoming. As an ally founding member of the collective, she aims to bring greater gender affirming/expansive care education to the greater community so that they may better uplift and care for their queer, trans, non-binary, gender nonconforming siblings. 

Eva Turner

Eva (they/them) is a black, non-binary femme social worker, doula , healer, facilitator and certified yoga and meditation instructor based out of Brooklyn. Originally from California, Eva has always sought the world outside of what white supremacy and patriarchy has given us through reading, writing, community building and teaching. Eva’s world building has been primarily focused on youth and program development and curriculum and resource development based in healing justice and community care. Eva has taught and built programming for Grand Street Settlement, NYU Langone Center for Early Childhood Development, Sadie Nash, Columbia School of Social Work, The Audre Lorde Project, Harriet’s Apothecary and more.

Eva’s dream is to build and support an educational system from K-PHD  that center’s black and indigenous people queer people world wide. They love communion over yummy food in the sunlight, being in the water, astrology, tarot and traveling.

Sevonna Brown

Sevonna Brown (she/her), Assistant Executive Director of Black Women’s Blueprint, is recognized as a Ms. Foundation Public Voices Fellow for her writing. Her work has been published in Ebony, TIME Magazine, ForHarriet, and Rewire News. She is a birthworker and reproductive justice advocate, dedicating her work to the survival strategies that Black women build from rituals, sacred truths and the ways they honor the intergenerational narratives of their reproductive herstories. She has served as a facilitator and consultant for the Spirit of a Woman Leadership Development Institute, working with a group of (7) women at a Rehabilitation Center in Brooklyn, NY. She is one of the conveners of the Black Women’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission as well as the March for Black Women. At Black Women’s Blueprint she oversees advocacy campaigns, co-chairing the NYC4CEDAW, addressing localized efforts to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.  She is also a member of Standing in Our Power: Women of Color Transformative Leadership Institute. She has provided training and technical assistance to a number of organizations through the Institute for Gender and Culture (IGC) including but not limited to: Jackson State University, Tougaloo College, Florida Memorial University, Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault (LaFASA), the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Assault.

Deria Matthews

Deria (she/they) is a freelance political educator, writer, and content creator thinking through the intersections of social movements and collective healing. She is currently living abroad in Accra, Ghana where she is working on her memoir exploring race and mobility in the Black-American imagination. She has roots in Brooklyn, NY and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Simone Sobers

Simone (she/ they) is a Black, queer, femme, disabled organizer passionate about developing ways we can bring our full selves into liberatory movement work and integrate our ancestral  magic through abolition, disability justice, racial justice, and healing justice. Born to a New Yorker and a “Chocolate City” Washingtonian, Simone instead grew up in Senegal, Ghana and Indonesia. A daughter of no place and many places, she continues to find home with those who share her politic & practice; who move in recognition of the scars of colonialism and the scam of borders; who fight for the self determination of our people. Simone has been a core member of ALP since 2014, organizing within Safe OUTside the System Collective and Membership. Before working at ALP, she was doing personal healing work with naturopathic and integrative medicine doctors and wants to bring that knowledge into every movement space. Simone is excited to honor our collective legacy of resilience and create and dream of transformation for our people in this new role.